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    June 29th, 2011
    Posted By:

    York County Special Olympics Celebrity Golf ClassicWord of mouth is a relative concept. For instance, who makes a more compelling argument for your hair product, me or Beyoncé?

    Here’s a better example. During my 23 years as part of a committee that plans the York County Special Olympics Celebrity Golf Classic, a lot of people have said a lot of nice things about the tournament.

    But never has someone like Johnny Holliday praised the event before the entire Mid-Atlantic Region during a live broadcast of a Washington Nationals baseball game. At least not until this year. Continue reading “When It Comes to PR, Sometimes You Just Get Lucky” »

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    June 27th, 2011
    Posted By:

    New Media Seminar - artIn today’s sales marketing and promotion world, your company’s website is your brand’s mothership, the living, pulsating heart of what is, hopefully, a contemporary media strategy.

    Your blog; email blasts; social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In; phone apps; PURLs; QR codes; whatever … are just a few of the many new media tools that when working together will shape your brand, while directing traffic to your website.  It is the interaction and linkage of these multimedia components that creates the SEO octane that lifts your company closer to the top of Page One on search engines, which strengthens your brand, enhances your image, increases sales, grows revenue …

    That’s just a tiny slice of the new media market today.  In many ways, the market is so brand new and so difficult to understand due to its constant evolution that few people have any real knowledge about it, much less a real understanding of how these new tools can help build their business. Continue reading “CH&B Interactive Media Seminars: Simplifying and Clarifying New Media” »

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    June 21st, 2011
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    Say No to phonebooks ads - imageThere was a time in a world long, long ago when yellow telephone directories may have had reason to exist.  That day is way gone.

    Back then, if you were a local retailer, all your advertising dollars were in the Yellow Pages except for some local media advertising that directed consumers to your Yellow Pages ads…and, well, that may have worked 40-plus years ago.  It won’t work in today’s world.

    Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning:  The phone directories are directories and nothing more.  Period.  No matter what sweet talk the sales rep fed you, they have never been an advertising vehicle.  They are, first and foremost, a book people go to for phone numbers. People do not do their “shopping” in the phonebook as their reps would like you to believe.  It is a book that lays there until someone picks it up to look up a phone number and then calls it.  And that habit has totally changed.

    The medium of choice now is on-line phone number searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

    Continue reading “Part II: The Case for Leaving Yellow Page Advertising.” »

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    June 9th, 2011
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    yellow pages - imageFor 34 years we have counseled our clients on whether they should be in the two phone directories – Yellow Pages and Yellow Book – and, if so, to what extent: i.e., how big an ad, how many pages of ads, and how many books they should be in.

    Sometimes, we have advised clients to increase their stake in the directories. Many more times we have advised them to reduce their exposure, or eliminate it all together from their “advertising” mix.

    Some clients accepted our advice, many more agreed with our assumptions but didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to step away from the phone directory punchbowl.

    Continue reading “Part I: In Yellow Pages? You Shouldn’t Be.” »

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